Good absence data is more than dates and times

As the title states, good absence data is more than dates and times – and this has been proven more than ever here at Honeydew recently.

The team at Honeydew Health are used to gathering and sorting data for audits of historic absence statistics on behalf of clients to get a clear picture of absence from before implementing Honeydew’s absence and attendance management system, Engage.

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How to: Set absence targets to achieve good attendance

Effective absence management is highly dependent on good communication, specifically communication between management and employees. If the employee is honest and punctual in updating the employer on the status of their health or personal situation, the employer can help and manage the situation for a swift return to work and minimal impact on the remaining employees.

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How to Measure Wellbeing at Work

The second in our series of ‘How to’ Guides, is an article written by guest writer Wayne Campbell at Healthy Performance.

“What you can measure, you can improve!”

With wellbeing one of the top five boardroom issues, it’s now important to measure the effectiveness and impact of your wellbeing programme, not just implement initiatives. Continue reading

Do absence targets really work?

The theory is that setting absence targets improves attendance at work but is there evidence to back this? XpertHR has published figures stating that only 44% of employers in the UK set attendance targets, yet of those, 79% believe that the targets have drastically improved their experience of absence management. So why haven’t more companies joined in? Continue reading