Resolve case management software from Honeydew Health

Resolve case management software

Occupational Health can be a real jungle and getting quick and effective resolutions isn’t always easy. Honeydew have built a case management tool to help simplify the process: Resolve. This web-based platform adds value to both service users and service providers. Both parties can sign up to use the case management software creating a marketplace where supply and demand meet.

Benefits to clients

  • Quick and easy online referral process
  • Password protected electronic storage of referral information
  • Fast-tracked appointment scheduling
  • Automatic email notifications and electronic report delivery
  • Quick and easy Pre-Placement Screening for new starters

Benefits to providers

  • Electronic workflow ensuring complete referral information
  • Online management of pending, scheduled and past appointments
  • Automated email correspondence
  • Integrated case histories from new starter assessments through to management referrals
  • Email reminders when reports are due

Taking the hassle out of OH referrals

For providers, scheduling appointments using Resolve is a breeze. All the repetitive parts of the process are automated and our user friendly input forms make it really quick to update the case status. Clients get to see their case status live online so they no longer need to chase the provider for updates.

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Terms of use

By signing up to use Resolve, the client accepts and agrees to these Terms:
  1. Honeydew aims to respond to all referrals with an offer of an appointment within 2 working days
  2. Appointments will normally take place within 5-7 working days of the referral date unless specific restrictions apply (e.g. travel distance or specialist appointments)
  3. Reports are dispatched 5-7 working days after the appointment date in accordance to the instructions on the consent form. Employees have the legal right to request to see the report prior to it being released to the employer and this may delay report delivery.
  4. Honeydew will invoice clients as soon as the assessment has been conducted and may require that payment be made prior to releasing the management report.
  5. Clients may opt to pre-pay a fixed sum toward their service usage or request monthly billing.
  6. Non-attendance and late cancellations within 2 working days of the appointment will incur the full referral fee.

Introduction to Resolve online

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