Honeydew makes Day-1 absence reporting easy

What is Day One Absence Reporting?

Day One Absence Reporting is a service concept where full absence data is collected from first day of absence and cases are managed proactively from early on. Usually the absence data is collected by an outsourced service provider. In practice this means that employees call a dedicated absence reporting line to report their absence instead of calling their direct line manager or workplace. The call handler records the absence details in an absence database and notifications are sent to all relevant managers to let them know that this person will be absent.

Not just a call centre

A centralised absence reporting line and database are at the core of Day One Absence Reporting but it's more than just a call centre. The crucial element that makes Day-1 so great is the instant visibility of absence issues, which allows employers to intervene early and thus more effectively. By collecting absence data from Day-1, and disseminating it to all the relevant stakeholders (line managers, health & safety, HR, payroll etc.) means that employees can be supported back to work quicker.

Using absence data to drive management actions

Your absence data should be used to supply data analytics and to automatically track company trigger points and warning signs for high-risk cases, like stress or musculo-skeletal problems. This is where it becomes important that your Day-1 solution is backed by a good software package that supports custom triggers and is easy to use. Our choice is obviously, Engage, which we built based on many years of experience working with line managers and HR professionals.

Benefits of Day One Absence Reporting

  • 24/7 absence reporting line
  • Instant notifications to all relevant stakeholders
  • Up-to-date absence data
  • Full visibility of absence issues

How Day-1 data can be used to improve attendance

  • Early intervention to support quicker returns to work
  • Tracking return to work interview completion
  • Automated triggers to prompt absence review meetings
  • Overall analytics to guide employee wellbeing initiatives

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