Engage Absence Management software

Engage absence management software

‘Engage’ is a web-based absence management software solution. Employees report their absence 24/7 online or via a call centre and their managers are notified immediately via email. Automated tasks and email reminders help managers stay on track & detailed real-time management reports give you the decision-making foundation you need.
For companies with 250 employees or less, we recommend using our self-service solution at Absencehub.com.

You can't afford to say no

Resolving your attendance management issues has never been so easy. And now we've also made it so cheap that you can't afford to say no. No technical knowledge is needed and there are no set-up fees.

Easy to use and always available

Our user-friendly tools are accessible in the office or on-the-go and the handy task lists and reminders help managers keep on top of their absence management responsibilities. Full visibility of all absence gives you the information you need to manage both short and long term absence proactively.

Up-to-the-minute absence data

You'll have instant access to live reports on cost of absence, top absence causes or regional comparisons, just to name a few. Highlighting the hotspots means no problem absentees or areas get missed and you can rest easy knowing exactly how things are going across the company.

Engage online dashboard

Sign-up for a free trial!

You can now sign up to use our software in a matter of seconds. Just complete our quick online sign-up form and you'll be all set up!

Every new subscription starts with a 30-day free trial so why not give it a spin to see what you think? You can activate your permanent subscription at any time but you won't be charged until your 30 days are up.

If your company has less than 250 employees, we recommend using Engage Software as a Service (SaaS), which you can find at www.absencehub.com . This site is dedicated to showcasing the features of the self-managed Engage absence management solution. Head there to find out more about the software.

Contact us if you are interested in the Day-1 solution with our 24-7 call centre support service.

Video introduction to Engage

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