Our response to “5 reasons NOT to have an absence policy”

We recently came across an article that suggested it is sometimes better not to have an absence policy. The subject of criticism was strict attendance policies, which were said to breed discontent and be counter-productive to employee engagement among other things. Continue reading

Do call centres enhance absence management?

Absence management is a 24 hour job. If your employees need to call in sick, restricting the time in which they can notify you just isn’t realistic. But on the other hand, expecting managers to be on call for absence 24 hours a day isn’t realistic either. The solution is call centres, but the question is: Do call centres enhance absence management? Or should this be a management responsibility only? Continue reading

Good absence data is more than dates and times

As the title states, good absence data is more than dates and times – and this has been proven more than ever here at Honeydew recently.

The team at Honeydew Health are used to gathering and sorting data for audits of historic absence statistics on behalf of clients to get a clear picture of absence from before implementing Honeydew’s absence and attendance management system, Engage.

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