Around the world: Innovative approaches to productivity

This week’s news reports interesting workplace initiatives aimed at improving performance around the world. These innovative approaches to productivity come from Germany, where employees are being allowed to delete all incoming mail whilst on holiday and from Japan, where employees are encouraged to nap at work. Continue reading

Letter from Annie Excuses and hooray for school hols

It’s summer time, children will be on holidays, if we’re lucky the weather is mostly sunny and many would love to take some time off work, perhaps more than their annual leave allows. Annie Excuses is one of our Usual Suspects, who is very good at doing just that. The Usual Suspects are part of our tongue-in-cheek take on some problematic absence behaviour. We make absence management a little bit more fun this way but each persona is based on real life experiences and character traits. Here’s what Annie has to say today: Continue reading

Letter from Butch Presentee and how to engage employees

Here’s a letter from one of our Usual Suspects, Butch Presentee. As you might remember, the Usual Suspects of poor attendance (see the animation here) are that 20% of the workforce responsible for 80% of absence problems. Butch’s main issue is presenteeism and dis-engagement. Here’s how he has been doing recently: Continue reading

Create workplaces and job roles to love 24/7

With the pressures at work being held on a constant high, employees sometimes become bored and fed up with their roles very quickly. The internet has been inundated with articles claiming to show you how to ‘re-engage your employees, now!’ so we decided to read through the advice out there and compiled a list of tips that actually do create workplaces and job roles to love 24/7. Continue reading

Security guards aren’t happy (apparently)

Many of Honeydew’s clients are Facilities Management companies with a high number of security guards. The news of late has been inundated with research highlighting the Government’s top careers for happiness, and apparently security guards aren’t happy at all. So naturally, we would want to find out why! Continue reading

How to eat for a healthy brain – Brain Awareness Week 2014

Yesterday was the start of Brain Awareness Week 2014. The aim of this week is to remind the public that research into brain activity and repair is vital and to update us on the latest findings, which is great!

Our diets are one of the largest contributors to brain function and sometimes, thoughts of ‘eating for our brain’ slips away when trying to lose weight or gain energy. It’s important to eat right for a healthy brain and we’d like to make you aware of just how to do that. Continue reading