Letter from Annie Excuses and hooray for school hols

It’s summer time, children will be on holidays, if we’re lucky the weather is mostly sunny and many would love to take some time off work, perhaps more than their annual leave allows. Annie Excuses is one of our Usual Suspects, who is very good at doing just that. The Usual Suspects are part of our tongue-in-cheek take on some problematic absence behaviour. We make absence management a little bit more fun this way but each persona is based on real life experiences and character traits. Here’s what Annie has to say today: Continue reading

Today is National Sickie Day

The first Monday in February is the day workers in the UK are most likely to call in sick – the National Sickie Day. The cold weather, post-Christmas credit card bills and the long months ahead before summer and holidays all contribute to many employees deciding to stay in bed on this day. Continue reading

Why is every day a sick day for the UK?

65,000 people call in sick every week, according to the British Heart Foundation. Given that 71.8% of our 63.7million population is employed, to have 65,000 of those out of work during any given week is shocking. So, why is every day a sick day for the UK? Continue reading