How to avoid getting ‘blue’ this winter?

Besides from the fun and festivities, many of us associate winter with the blues and bad moods. A lack of sunlight, cold weather, slush and widespread winter related diseases all contribute to this idea. Nonetheless, just because it is winter it doesn’t have to be the case that we are all as sad as the weather. Continue reading

How to avoid getting ill this winter?

Winter is just around the corner and with it, naturally, comes widespread contamination of the common cold and flu. Everyone’s had the groggy feeling of a cold on a windy and chilly day or even the feeling of waking up with a blocked nose after a seemingly fine sleep. Usually these aren’t enough to restrain us from going into work so how can we avoid getting such illness and their disrupting symptoms altogether? Continue reading

How to eat for a healthy brain – Brain Awareness Week 2014

Yesterday was the start of Brain Awareness Week 2014. The aim of this week is to remind the public that research into brain activity and repair is vital and to update us on the latest findings, which is great!

Our diets are one of the largest contributors to brain function and sometimes, thoughts of ‘eating for our brain’ slips away when trying to lose weight or gain energy. It’s important to eat right for a healthy brain and we’d like to make you aware of just how to do that. Continue reading