The Future of Work: A journey to 2022

PWC’s recent report on ‘The Future of Work‘ gathered the opinions of 10,000 people in China, India, Germany, the UK and the US to compile a diverse understanding of workers’ views on the future of work. Naturally, not all participants agreed on views and opinions varied due to differing contexts and perspectives. Continue reading

The internet’s effects on HR

The CIPD published an article giving us 6 reasons why the Internet has changed HR for the better. This is particularly relevant given that the internet celebrates its 25th anniversary this week – and in adage to this wonderful invention, we’d like to add a few more reasons to the list. Here are 10 of the internet’s effects on HR – all positive of course! Continue reading

Technophobia is costing your business time and money!

Working away from the office is slowly becoming the norm thanks to flexible working and smaller management teams. However, an article published today revealed that thanks to technophobia 80% of 1000 middle managers in the UK felt they weren’t offered sufficient technology to enable them to work away from the office. Continue reading

A great combination: health management apps & health management classes

Smart phone Apps have become the latest trend for Health management and weight loss firms to reach the public. As many of us are ‘addicted’ to our phones, it only makes sense to provide advice, information and tools for improving personal health via this platform.

Continue reading