The Future of Work: A journey to 2022

PWC’s recent report on ‘The Future of Work‘ gathered the opinions of 10,000 people in China, India, Germany, the UK and the US to compile a diverse understanding of workers’ views on the future of work. Naturally, not all participants agreed on views and opinions varied due to differing contexts and perspectives. Continue reading

Employment tribunal claims down drastically after fees were introduced

One year ago, in July 2013, the Government introduced fees for bringing a claim to employment tribunal. Sexual harassment, unfair dismissal and discrimination claims now cost claimants £1,200. Claims to recover unpaid wages or holiday pay cost the employees £390. This has, unsurprisingly, had a major impact on the number of claims processed by the tribunal courts. Continue reading

Our response to “5 reasons NOT to have an absence policy”

We recently came across an article that suggested it is sometimes better not to have an absence policy. The subject of criticism was strict attendance policies, which were said to breed discontent and be counter-productive to employee engagement among other things. Continue reading

Lesson from Netflix: HR can be innovative too

‘Netflix culture’ slideshow has been viewed more than 5 million times on the web. Patty McCord, the then Chief Talent Officer who co-devised the strategy and slide deck, wrote an article for Harvard Business Review explaining what is so revolutionary in their approach. It makes for very interesting reading. Continue reading

What is HR?

In a recent article on the CIPD’s website, the writer Claire Churchard explained that not enough young people know what HR is which hinders the development of HR as a profession. But this led me to think about all the times that we have been asked by managers, what is HR? So, perhaps it’s not just children that don’t know. Continue reading