What’s the reason this time for being late?

Everybody has a friend who is always late. But how does that make you feel about them? Do you consider it rude? Something that they should have changed after the first couple of apologies? Every time, you ask them ‘What’s the reason this time for being late?’

Well it turns out that lateness is something that might not be easy to help. Continue reading

Government takes a stance to prevent long term illness

Last week the Government officially published their response to Black and Frosts’ 2011 review of sickness absence in the UK..

The biggest change to be made as a result of the review of sickness absence, is the introduction of the Long Term Absence scheme which offers free Occupational Health (OH) assessments to employees that have been signed off work for 4 weeks. Continue reading

What has gone wrong with the Fit Note?

XpertHR has published a survey finding that satisfaction with the Fit Note is dwindling among employers. Fit notes have been in place since April 2010. They originally got a lukewarm reception and in 2011 just under half (48%) of employers felt it had been a significant improvement in managing absence. Confidence in the scheme, according to the recent results, is now down to just 38%. Continue reading