Honeydew Health whizz kids of sickness absence management

Meet the whizz kids! And our vision.

Honeydew Health Ltd was founded in 2012 on more than 10 years experience in the absence management sector. At the core of our business is our software, Engage, which was built based on many years of experience working with line managers and HR professionals. Honeydew Health is first and foremost a technology company. We deliver the tools that our clients need to effectively manage absence and our account management team helps clients solve the attendance issues that their absence data reveals.

1. Engage

In order to achieve real and lasting results, we believe you should start by engaging all levels within an organisation to develop a cohesive approach to addressing attendance management. Senior management buy-in is crucially important but it is also important to remember the key role line managers play in realising your goals.

2. Inspire

As a team we aim to inspire one another, our clients and business partners. We are fresh in our thoughts, positive in our actions and passionate about what we do. Honeydew encourages a refreshing approach to absence and ill health issues.

3. Empower

Our software tools empower our users making attendance management easy. We provide great data and reports so that our clients can make informed decisions whilst administrative burdens are reduced, freeing up time for value adding activities.

4. Resolve

As a company we aim to be leaner and smarter in order to add value in all that we do. We help our clients take a step back to review how things are being done in order to find ways of improving processes. We analyse client data to provide proactive support, escalate non-compliance to spark change, and monitor costs to strengthen returns on investment. Our focus is to improve employee performance leading to increased productivity and profitability.

It all starts with the right technology

Over the years, our product portfolio has grown from just absence management to cover complimentary areas of annual leave management, overtime tracking and Occupational Health case management. Through our two outstanding platforms - Engage for all planned and unplanned absence and Resolve for case management – we deliver time saving tools and process optimisation to our clients.

Honeydew team as your Business Partner

When signing up to Honeydew fully managed service, you don't just get a software package, you get a dedicated account manager who becomes an extension to your management team. We will get to know your business and the nature of issues specific to your workforce helping you identify the best ways to resolve these all along the way. We don't just offer visibility on issues but also answers on how to tackle them so that all that is left for your team is to take action.

Our products

Engage absence and holiday tracking software

Resolve case management portal

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